What we do

We use our experience to find, invest in and grow purpose-driven companies that combine attractive financial returns with positive social and environmental impact.

At Sagana Capital, we work with individuals, families and foundations to identify the best opportunities, co-create bespoke portfolios and help them invest successfully in the future.


Investment Strategy

Ensuring the basis for life for the next generation means more than just financial returns. With our deep understanding of environmental and social topics, we work with clients to develop an investment strategy that integrates their risk and return goals with their core values.

Investment Execution

There are amazing companies and funds around the world solving big problems and creating excellent opportunities. With our global experience and networks, we have an unparalleled ability to find, evaluate and grow investment opportunities across asset classes.

Investment Management

We take a proactive role in every investment we support, through board seats and direct relationships with management or fund teams. We look for continuous optimization of investments as they grow, mature and ripen for exit.


We provide customized training for individuals and groups on impact investing topics. Our curriculum includes core values framing, deep understanding and analysis of impact metrics, introduction to sector-specific investing, asset class opportunities, region-specific opportunities, due diligence methods and emerging trends.


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We leverage our core investment skills to help clients navigate the rapidly changing world in order to make the greatest impact with their resources.


Catalytic Capital

We help development agencies, foundations and other capital holders evaluate the structures and options along the capital spectrum to find, evaluate and support financially sustainable enterprises and attract matching private capital. We also work with corporations and their foundations to solve specific social and environmental problems in their industry.

Gender Smart Investing

We support asset managers and development organizations to weave a gender lens across the entire investment process. Our gender work includes GLI strategy, investment and tools development, and deep integration of gender into financial intermediaries/portfolio companies.

Impact Management

What gets measured gets managed, but we believe the point of both is to learn what is working and what isn’t working so impact can be continuously improved and expanded. We work with impact investors, development organizations, foundations and companies to identify metrics and actively manage them.

Some of the clients we are proud to work with

People are the most important asset of every company and essential to growth and success. As investors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a unique perspective on how to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build the right teams and cultures to thrive.



Our recruiting solutions artfully combine AI with our decades of recruiting and impact investing experience to provide our clients with unmatched access to broad, inclusive, global candidate pools in an easy, fast and affordable way.

People practices

We work with management teams to implement and optimize people practices for culture-building, recruiting and onboarding, learning and performance and compensation and rewards, all through an inclusive lens.

Diversity & Inclusion

We provide training and support to help values-based companies identify and address unconscious bias, develop sustainable compensation practices, and empower their teams to deliver their best work.

Some of the clients we are proud to work with