Engineering a Sustainable Future: Investment Opportunities in the Bioeconomy


“Rapid advances in molecular biology combined with big data and artificial intelligence have resulted in big jumps in our understanding of living organisms, including the biomass produced by plants and animals, at the level of their DNA.” The bioeconomy presents exciting opportunities to solve environmental problems and lead us to a more sustainable future.


Wolfgang Hafenmayer, Founding Partner, Sagana spoke at a Webinar on ‘Engineering a Sustainable Future: Investment Opportunities in the Bioeconomy’ with other industry experts like Paul Clark, Former CEO, President and Chair of the Board of Directors, ICOS Corporation; Rik Wehbring, Managing Director, Bioeconomy Capital; and Rob Carlson, Managing Director, Bioeconomy Capital. Together, they answer a number of basic, profound and technical questions related to possible and eventual impact on us humans and our planet.


Listen to the webinar 

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