We are excited to work with purpose-driven businesses around the world.



Synthetic biology company that creates novel proteins, enzymes and sustainable chemical product enhancing human lives and protecting our planet

Biosense designs

Affordable, point-of-care medical devices for timely and accurate diagnosis and prevention of non-communicate diseases in India.


Online scholarship platform connecting providers to students, making education more affordable and accessible in India.

Chancen International

Affordable student loans for women through a 2-year college program in Rwanda.


Technology system that returns clothes to the raw materials from which they were made, reducing the dependency on polyester, oil, chemicals and on forests for pulp.

Cyclic Materials

Unique recycling process that recovers rare earth elements aiming to reduce the opening of new mines and accelerate the transition to electric mobility and cleaner energy


Revolutionary dyeing process for textiles using zero toxic, chemicals and ten times less water.


Interactive and affordable education on mobile devices through SMS for rural and urban Africa.


Education, communication and marketing platform that allows organizations to engage with their audience using automated voice calls, 2-way SMS texts or messaging apps.


Ethic is a tech-driven asset manager that powers the creation of sustainable investment portfolios.


Tech platform connecting trained care providers to the elderly in Asia, enabling wellness and personal care and creating formalized jobs.

Kennemer Foods

Small-hold farmer support and market access in growing and trading high-quality crops in the Philippines.

Phase Change Solutions

Global leader in temperature control and energy-efficient solutions, using Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that stabilize temperatures across cold chain, logistics, food delivery, and the built environment.


India’s first waste-commerce company, provides digital solutions that connect waste generators, processors, recyclers and brand owners.

Tandem PV

Developer of next-generation perovskite tandem solar technology aiming to improve solar panel efficiency and increase the value and market potential of solar energy


End-to-end recruitment solution that connects jobseekers with employers across Southeast Asia.


Rural electrification through grid extension in Cambodia.


Financing infrastructure improvements at affordable schools in India.