Project Catalyst: Tracking gender lens investing in private markets

The practice of gender lens investing, which is the integration of gender analysis alongside financial analysis to achieve better social and financial outcomes, has been influencing the investment landscape for more than a decade.


As the ever-evolving financial sector evolves its investment practices, Sagana and 2X Global set out to showcase the current state of gender lens investing landscape in private markets. We surveyed 126 fund managers from around the world, who collectively manage at least USD 7.9 billion in gender lens investments.


The objective of this report is to build awareness, promote the value of investing with a gender lens, and provide actionable insights on market size, key investment opportunities, and the roles of various stakeholders. In doing so, it places the gender finance field within the larger context of our times, acknowledging the substantial growth the field has experienced and highlighting the opportunities for further expansion in depth and breadth of impact. Ultimately, the goal is to support Limited Partners, fund managers, ecosystem builders and researchers who are actively engaged in the field or who are interested in better understanding it.


The report was made possible thanks to the generous support and partnership of Visa Foundation.


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