Zurich, 21 July 2022: Sagana, the next generation of investors, thinkers and doers focused on unleashing the potential of business, capital, and people to improve human and planetary health, is proud to announce it has joined 2XCollaborative, the global industry body that convenes the entire spectrum of investors to promote gender lens investing (GLI).


Sagana helps asset managers and international development organizations weave a gender lens through their investment process. The firm has analyzed thousands of gender-smart investment opportunities around the world for its clients and has guided asset managers and family offices in their GLI strategy, investment and tools development, and portfolio support. Sagana’s new membership in 2XCollaborative deepens the firm’s commitment to advancing GLI, which aligns with 2XCollaborative’s efforts to build and promote the field of gender finance to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment.


Raya Papp, Co-Founder of Sagana, said, “Using gender as a lens to guide investment decisions can open up significant opportunities and identify unseen risks in business and investment strategy. Research has repeatedly linked gender and other types of diversity with outperformance. However, GLI is not only about reaching targets; it is a journey starting with awareness, that allows us to continually strengthen the performance and deepen the impact of our business and investments on human and planetary health.


“We are excited to support and contribute to the industry-defining initiatives 2XCollaborative leads through sharing our experience and deep insights into what actions are most effective. We look forward to partnering with other like-minded investors to set and raise the benchmark for inclusive, gender-smart investing.”


Jessica Espinoza, CEO at 2XCollaborative, commented, “Sagana has long been a leader in advancing GLI through its investments as well as supporting other investors to better integrate gender strategy into their own investments. We are pleased to welcome Sagana as a member of 2XCollaborative and look forward to its contribution and partnership in promoting gender finance.”


As a member of 2XCollaborative, Sagana will be able to contribute its expertise to and learn from industry-leading working groups and initiatives, including:

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