Pitching isn’t just for investors.

By now you’ve raised money at least once, if not a few times. You could probably recite your company’s pitch to investors in your sleep. But what about your pitch to prospective talent? Can you explain in a compelling and succinct way why a super-star candidate should come to work with you over another company?

Talent is tight right now. Without a strong “Talent Pitch”, smaller companies – even those with the most compelling business models – have a hard time competing against well-known brands.

We can’t say it enough: take the time to develop your Talent Pitch – just like you did for your investor pitch.

First, put yourself in your candidate’s shoes and ask, “Why would I join this company? What’s in it for me?”

Then consider four key pitch elements:

1. Vision and mission – clearly say how you are changing the world. Let your passion show.

2. Culture and team – start-ups are cool; they typically have team environments that cannot be replicated in large organizations. Highlight this.

3. Growth opportunities – team members learn a lot in start-ups; usually there is more room to create, push boundaries, and take on responsibilities.

4. Incentives – a start-up usually has more flexibility to offer rewards like profit sharing, company equity, and unique travel opportunities. Again, you’ll want to highlight this.

You might say “Sagana, I already have all of this”, and that may be true. But it’s probably just in your head, not down on paper and not something that everyone at the company who is doing interviews knows. Take the time to jot down your talent pitch and share it with your team (email us if you’d like a template). Practice it with whoever will listen and refine it, so that the next super-star candidate you pitch will be jumping at the chance to join you.


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